Client: Tutum Medical
Industry: Healthcare
Services Provided: Market Access, Secure Funding
Consultant: Pym’s Consultancy Ltd
Key Personnel: Kate Pym, Managing Director
Project Durantion: June 2022
Tutum Medical is the innovator behind BEAMS, the world’s only acoustic medical device alarm monitoring system


Tutum Medical is the innovator behind BEAMS, the world’s only acoustic medical device alarm monitoring system, designed to address the risk of unheard alarms in healthcare settings. Developed in collaboration with Sheffield Children’s Hospital, BEAMS had proven its value since 2017 but faced challenges in broader market entry.

Engagement with Pym’s Consultancy

In June 2022, Tutum Medical sought the expertise of Pym's Consultancy to
navigate the NHS landscape, enhance market access, and secure growth beyond
their initial success.

Timeline of Engagement and Strategies

June 2022

  • Health Economic Argument: Pym’s developed a compelling argument highlighting the cost-effectiveness and clinical benefits of BEAMS, positioning it as a solution for NHS trusts focused on improving patient safety while managing costs.

July 2022

  • Market Access Report & Regulatory Compliance: Detailed reporting identified viable NHS entry points while ensuring adherence to Reulatory Requirements. A regulatory review was conducted which established that registration as a medical device was not required. DCB0129 regulations were implemented, with the appointment of a Clinical Safety Officer for continuous compliance and patient safety.

September 2022

  • Sales and Market Access Support: An integrated approach saw Pym's
    Consultancy engaging with stakeholders through personalised meetings, implementing ward trials, and providing comprehensive staff training to ensure smooth adoption of BEAMS.

October 2021 – ongoing

  • Connecting with NHS and Establishing Social Media: Pym's leveraged its network to introduce Tutum Medical to key NHS stakeholders, NIHR, AHSNs, and NICE. They established a robust social media presence across four platforms, and regular website updates to raise awareness, improve SEO and foster community engagement.

January 2024

  • Widespread NHS Adoption: Tutum Medical’s presence expanded significantly, with notable sales in the NHS and private hospital sector.
  • Partnering Opportunities: Further growth opportunities have been identified
    through working with industry partners.


“Working with Pym’s has helped us navigate the UK healthcare market, prove market viability, and raise product awareness”. Paul Rawlinson, CEO, Tutum Medical.


Pym’s Consultancy’s strategic market insights and tailored support have been instrumental in unlocking new opportunities for Tutum Medical’s BEAMS system. The consultancy’s support resulted in Tutum Medical securing NHS contracts and private hospital contracts, ensuring a sustainable growth trajectory. The case study is a testament to how a focused consultancy approach can facilitate rapid market access and expansion in the competitive healthcare technology sector.

Tutum-Leeds Hospital Medlink Midlands Awards