Leadership and Management Skills

Leadership and Management Skills

As ILM Accredited Trainers, we use a combination of individual one-to-one coaching, group training and behavioural profiling to support your organisation to better understand your own working styles and the working and buying behaviours of your customers.

We use Everything DiSC a Wiley Brand, a thoroughly researched, reliable and valid behavioural profiling tool.

Everything DiSC® Profiles

The Everything DiSC® Range of Profile Report

Everything DiSC® is a world class range of profiles.


Each Everything DiSC® profile is topic-specific, with in-depth information, including tips, strategies, and action plans to help you become more effective. All Everything DiSC® profiles include access to unlimited free follow-up reports.

Important distinctions with Everything DiSC® profiles:

  • Your DiSC® style is represented as a dot on a circle rather than on a graph
  • Each profile focuses on a specific context helping you to improve in that particular area (i.e. management, leadership, sales, workplace relationships)
  • They use ‘adaptive testing’ which is an interactive process that tailors questions based on your individual item responses. This results in an even more precise profile report and an even more relevant and useful outcome!

So what’s different about Everything DiSC®  363™ for Leaders

  • For many leaders, 360’s can be a frustrating experience. Open – ended comments can be unfocused and unhelpful and can even derail the learning process. With the exclusive selectable comment smart feature called ‘CommentSmart’, raters can give focused, balanced, constructive feedback that the leader can actually apply and use.
  • Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders isn’t a collection of dry spreadsheets and charts without any explanation or story. Clear visuals and a conversational narrative style interpret and explain the data, making the report easy to understand and use.
  • With a lot of 360s, the leader’s response can be, “Now what?” Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders answers that question by giving leaders their next steps with three development areas they can focus on now to improve the way they lead.
  • This research-validated online assessment with a 22+ page 360° profile helps leaders understand how others see them, using intuitive, easy-to-read visuals, rich cuts of data and feedback breakdowns, plus three personalised strategies for effectiveness

How does it work?
Leaders are given a two-part online assessment: The Everything DiSC® assessment and the Leadership Behaviour section about how they tend to lead.

Raters are given a two-part online assessment: the same Leadership Behaviour section that the leader takes and the Leadership Requests section that asks which leadership practices they’d like to see the leader do more of.

Raters are broken into four groups: Direct Reports, Peers, Manager and Other. Any combination of groups may be used and leaders can have an unlimited number of raters.

What support is available?
A variety of resources are available to help you get Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders up and running in your organisation-all at no additional charge!

Everything DiSC® Management Profile
The Everything DiSC® Management Profile is an ideal profile for helping managers bring out the best in their teams. The Everything DiSC® Management Profile is a 26-page personalised profile that focuses on the following areas:

  • Understanding your strengths and challenges as a manager and how to adapt to meet the needs of the people you manage
  • How to direct and delegate in ways that maximise employee engagement and productivity
  • How to increase motivation by creating an environment that meets needs and preferences
  • How to develop others by helping people to identify, manage and build on their strengths
  • How to work more effectively with your own manager

Everything DiSC Work of Leaders Profile Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders


Based on best practice, Work of Leaders connects to the real demands and pressures faced by most leaders, and provides opportunities for leadership development and a clear path for action.

Everything DiSC® Work of Leaders approaches leadership as a one-to-many relationship, as opposed to the one-to-one relationship explored in Everything DiSC® Management. It focuses on tangible steps directed at leading a group or organisation toward desired outcomes.

Using the framework of Vision, Alignment, and Execution, Work of Leaders encourages leaders to understand their own leadership behaviours and how they impact upon their effectiveness. Rich, compelling narrative adds depth to the data and strong visuals support the learning process by illustrating key messages.

Where does the Work of Leaders come from?

  • It is the result of a four-year research and development effort
  • The research analysed and distilled the work of prominent leadership researchers
  • It is based on input from more than 300 subject matter experts representing over 150 organisations
  • The research identified leadership best practices

The Everything DiSC Work of Leaders profile is a 23-page profile that:

  • Assesses the leaders behaviours in relations to 18 best practice behaviours
  • Provides context-specific feedback, tips and strategies for improving leadership effectiveness
  • Identifies your three strengths and three development areas as a leader

Everything DiSC® Follow-Up Reports
Everything DiSC® profiles include access to these follow-up reports:
Everything DiSC® Comparison Reports

These reports can be created from any two Everything DiSC® profile reports. These are excellent for enabling people to understand their similarities and differences so that they can work together more effectively. We can provide multiple additional Comparison reports by email at no additional charge.

Everything DiSC 363® coaching supplement
This report accompanies Everything DiSC 363™ for Leaders It provides valuable additional information for coaches when they are preparing to provide leaders with their feedback session. This report is available at no additional charge.

Everything DiSC® Customer Interaction Map
This report provides personalised follow-up interaction maps to help sales people navigate from their sales styles to their real-life customers’ buying styles. Exclusively for the Everything DiSC® Sales Profile; unlimited access is available at no additional charge.

Everything DiSC® Facilitator Report
This report provides a composite of your group’s DiSC® styles and information on how DiSC® styles can impact your organisation’s culture. Includes the names and styles of each participant and is sold separately.

Everything DiSC Group Culture Report
This report helps you determine the group’s DiSC® culture, explore its advantages and disadvantages, discuss its effect on group members, and examine its influence on decision making and risk taking. It is sold separately.

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