We are an independent consultancy business, offering services of advice, support and training to Health and Social Care organisations across third sector, NHS and commercial providers and SMEs. Our objective is to increase and support market access for new products and services, improve commercial acumen, and support organisations to be more competitive. We wish to improve knowledge and skills so all of those working in health and social care understand more about their market. This is predominantly through one to one consulting support and group training. We offer training and resources to support commercial awareness and increase sales skills, using on-line personality profiling, and training to understand personality types and how to modify selling styles to improve sales potential. We also offer a unique on-line resource for UK Healthcare structures, services, and codes of practice.

Services to enhance commercial awareness
Giving your organisation the edge to win business, and grow profits within increasingly competitive markets.
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We work with Third Sector, NHS and Commercial organisations, supporting and facilitating market access using a network of contacts across commissioners and providers throughout the health and social care economy.

What is key to our business is working with organisations in the manner that suits them, to deliver what they require to meet their objectives. All our consultants and associates are experienced to board level, and we ensure that those working with you are the best fit for your needs.  These needs develop and mature during the course of working with an organisation, so we may start with one vision which changes over time, or introduce different consultants throughout the course of our engagement as different skills and experience come into play. Through planning and vision, to business case development and health economic outcomes, compliance and sales – we have the resources to support your needs. Flexibility is an essential element at the heart of our services. Ask us, we work with a wide network of colleagues and associates and if we can’t help you ourselves we are confident we can find the right fit for your needs.

With a wide range of experience in Health, and Social Care we combine the key skills for enhanced market access and increased sales. You will be working with people who have done the job, at the highest level for many successful years, and our training programs are developed with this in mind.  We understand the value of time out of the job, and endeavour to ensure a maximum return for that investment.
The services we offer include one-to-one advice, information, coaching, and bid support along with group training and long-term resources.

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  • Strategies for new business formation, market access and sales.
  • Review current procedure and advise on change.
  • Provide advice and contacts to support the delivery of outcome based services, with demonstrable evidence.
  • Product launch and community based trials.
  • New integrated service design.
  • Patient pathway outlines.
  • Service Mapping.
  • Write business cases.
  • Write service specifications.
  • Bid writing and bid support.
  • Proposals for new services including analysis of impact on local health and social care environment.
  • Local Health and Social Care environment analysis and assessment of key challenges, and opportunities.
  • Demographic data analysis and population modelling.
  • Research and report writing.
  • Collaborative and integrated working principles.
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