Client: Microbiosensor Ltd
Industry: Healthcare, Biotechnology
Services Provided: Market Research, Market Entry Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement, Sales Strategy
Consultant: Pym’s Consultancy Ltd
Key Personnel: Kate Pym, Managing Director
Project Durantion: April 2021 – January 2024

Microbiosensor and Pyms Consultancy


Microbiosensor Ltd, a spin-out from the University of Manchester, specialises in innovative point-of-care testing solutions. Their first product to market, QuickCheck, is designed to provide rapid and accurate leukocyte level measurement in peritoneal dialysis effluent, crucial for patients with suspected peritonitis. Pym’s Consultancy was enlisted to guide Microbiosensor through the complexities of the NHS market entry and establish a robust foundation for commercial success.

The Challenge

Breaking into the competitive and heavily regulated UK healthcare market required strategic finesse. Microbiosensor needed to:

  • Validate the market potential for QuickCheck in the UK.
  • Establish early adoption strategies and commercial pathways.
  • Engage with stakeholders across the healthcare sector.
  • Ensure product and marketing materials were compliant and compelling.

Strategy and Execution

Pym’s Consultancy delivered a multi-faceted approach to navigate Microbiosensor’s market entry:

• Market Research: Conducted extensive analysis to understand the market landscape and identify entry points.

• Market Entry Report & Plan: Compiled a detailed report and developed a market access plan to position QuickCheck strategically in the UK market.

Stakeholder Engagement: Facilitated introductions and built relationships with key NHS stakeholders.

• Sales and Commercial Strategy: Developed early adoption tactics and a commercial strategy that culminated in QuickCheck’s launch and sales activities.

• Support Materials: Supported the  design and development of presentations, and marketing materials, including quote and invoice design, for effective communication of product value.

Through the comprehensive efforts of Pym’s Consultancy:

  • QuickCheck successfully launched in the UK market, with strategic placement in key renal units.  Pym’s supported trade stands and early adoption by targeting NHS units.


  • Effective stakeholder engagement led to increased product visibility and understanding among healthcare professionals.


  • Microbiosensor achieved sales saturation in the Midlands and expanded to Exeter, Norfolk, and Ireland by January 2024.


“QuickCheck sold within the first three months after launch, and people tell me that’s pretty good going” Gordon Barker, CEO Microbiosensor.


The partnership between Microbiosensor and Pym’s Consultancy exemplifies the impact of targeted market research, strategic planning, and effective stakeholder engagement in accelerating market entry. QuickCheck’s rapid NHS integration stands as a testament to the value of expert consultancy in the healthcare sector.

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