Client: Aguettant Ltd
Industry: Healthcare – Pharmaceutical
Services Provided: Market Analysis, Strategic Consultation
Consultant: Pym’s Consultancy Ltd
Key Personnel: Kate Pym, Managing Director
Project Highlights: Market Entry Strategy for two distinct projects, including the launch of a new sublingual tablet.


Aguettant Ltd is renowned for its specialisation in pre-filled syringes and a steadfast commitment to innovation, with a focus on patient-centred pharmaceutical solutions. Established in the NHS market since 2004 and serving around 600 hospitals, Aguettant continuously seeks to expand its product offerings and adapt to new market demands. Engaging Pym’s Consultancy, they aimed to explore the potential for new products in the UK, starting with an unfamiliar product being researched by their parent company.

The Challenge

The first project centred on a product with potential in the French market, yet required validation for UK viability due to differing market structures, regulatory environments, and healthcare practices. The challenges were multi-fold:

1. Regulatory Navigation: Understanding NICE approval pathways and UK clinical structures.
2. Market Viability: Determining if the existing market conditions and healthcare practices could support the new product.
3. Resource Allocation: Assessing the risk of diverting resources from existing successful products to support a new, untested product.

Solution and Execution

Pym’s Consultancy was tasked with a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market to determine the feasibility of launching the new product.

• Market Analysis: Conducted an in-depth analysis of the UK healthcare market, focusing on regulatory requirements, competitor analysis, and potential barriers to entry.

• Strategic Recommendations: Provided strategic insights that identified significant market entry barriers, advising against the product launch in the UK.

• Resource Optimisation: Recommendations ensured Aguettant preserved resources by not pursuing a costly launch that offered minimal potential returns.

Impact on Aguettant Ltd

The consultancy’s findings had a profound impact:
• Cost Avoidance: Early identification of the non-viability of the market for the product prevented unnecessary expenditure and potential losses.

• Focused Resource Allocation: Enabled Aguettant to continue to concentrate on enhancing their existing product lines which were already performing well in the market.

• Informed Decision-Making: Pym’s provided Aguettant with critical market insights that supported strategic decision-making processes.

Following the initial project’s insights, Aguettant engaged Pym’s Consultancy for a second project involving a product indicated for the management of acute moderate to severe pain in adults. This time, the market dynamics were favourable. Research interviews established which key messages resonated with clinicians and the consultancy’s role facilitated a successful launch in the UK.

Client Testimonial

Claire Broomfield, Managing Director at Aguettant, reflects on the partnership:

• Expert Guidance: “Working with Pym’s Consultancy, particularly Kate, gave us the clarity we needed to make informed decisions. Their detailed research and understanding of the UK market prevented a potentially costly misstep and allowed us to focus our energies on more viable opportunities.”

• Confidence in Strategic Decisions: “The insights from Pym’s were instrumental in our decision to not proceed with the first product’s launch. This level of honest and strategic guidance is what we look for in a consultancy partnership.”


This case study illustrates the importance of tailored market research and strategic consultation in making informed business decisions within the healthcare sector. Pym’s Consultancy’s proactive and detailed approach in the market analysis for Aguettant Ltd not only prevented unwarranted financial expenditure but also reinforced Aguettant’s market position by focusing on viable product solutions.