Client: The Sandbox, subsidiary of Cerebral Inc
Industry: X – X
Services Provided: Market Analysis, Bid Writing, Stakeholder Engagement, Regulatory Guidance
Consultant: Pym’s Consultancy Ltd
Key Personnel: Kate Pym, Managing Director
Project Highlights: June 2021 – December 2022


The Sandbox, a newly formed UK subsidiary of Cerebral Inc., entered the competitive digital mental health sector with no UK customers. Their mission was to establish a foothold in the NHS by offering innovative online mental health services for children.

Timeline of Success:

  • June 2021:
    • The company officially registered.
    • Developed a comprehensive company strategy.
    • Initiated stakeholder engagement for market insights.
    • Began searching for opportunities in the NHS sector.
    • Underwent a regulatory review and gathered expert opinions.
  • October 2021:
    • Discovered a suitable NHS tender that aligned with their services.
    • Conducted a thorough market investigation.
    • Designed a tailored solution to meet the tender requirements.
    • Crafted and submitted a compelling bid for the tender.
  • December 2021:
    • Successfully won the tender, marking their first NHS contract win.
  • February 2022:
    • Launched the service with full mobilization.
    • Conducted stakeholder meetings to solidify relationships and understand ongoing needs.
    • Continuously searched for and identified new tender opportunities.
    • Established collaboration partnerships to strengthen the service offering.
    • Engaged in bid writing for additional tenders.
    • Submitted successful applications for Excellence in NHS Procurement and HSJ Digital awards to recognize their innovative service.
  • December 2022- December 2023:
    • Secured a total of 5 NHS contracts, reflecting rapid growth and acceptance in the market.
    • Achieved contract expansions in the original contract, highlighting service effectiveness.
    • Included in key NHS frameworks, ensuring a long-term presence in the market.

The Impact

Under the guidance of Pym’s Consultancy, The Sandbox was able to navigate the complex NHS procurement process, establishing a strong market presence in an exceptionally short period. Their success was highlighted by:

• A pioneering approach to entering the NHS market, outpacing the average competitor timeline.

• Clear and focused bid writing, backed by strategic market analysis and stakeholder feedback.

• Expanding service reach through contract expansions and framework inclusions.


Tim Hamer, UK General Manager of The Sandbox, praised the consultancy’s role:

“We have looked at our competitors in digital mental health and how long it took them to enter the NHS. On average it took about 4 1/2 years. We were faster than all of our competitors.”

“We had some super advice because we were working with Pym’s Consultancy, and you were able to steer us through the minefield of NHS Procurement.”.


The Sandbox’s journey with Pym’s Consultancy demonstrates the power of strategic planning and expert consultation in market entry and expansion. By aligning innovative services with the needs of the NHS, The Sandbox not only accelerated its growth but also provided vital digital mental health services to young patients in need.

The Sandbox-Cerebral Inc-Pyms Consultancy