Long Term Conditions

by | 24 Oct, 2016 | Social Care

Long Term Conditions are a challenge to the provision of healthcare worldwide. In addition to ageing the UK population is also facing an obesity epidemic, and a more sedentary lifestyles.  With this, as with ageing, there are increased risks of Long Term Conditions, such as diabetes, heart disease, COPD and mental health problems.

The Parliamentary Health Select Committee see the treatment of Long term Conditions as one of the greatest challenges facing the NHS today.

Mental Health plays a key role, as those experiencing mental illness are more likely to suffer from other co-morbities, have poorer compliance with treatment and poorer outcomes.

Using Telehealth, Telecare and Telemedicine are some of the options available to help meet this need. Through active participation of the patient in the development of health and care plans, targets and objectives we can empower people to engage in the process of disease management.

With complex conditions, and many patients experiencing multiple co-morbidities there will not be a single solution.  The patient is key, and should be the focus of treatment, care and support, along with the Health and Social Care Professionals, working cohesively, as a team to help the patient achieve realistic goals.

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