A Year in Reflection: Pym’s Consultancy’s 2023 Journey

by | 29 Dec, 2023 | Blog, Business, Meet the team

As the Managing Director of Pym’s Consultancy, I find myself pausing at the close of 2023 to reflect on a year that has been both exhilarating and immensely rewarding. It’s been a period marked by growth, collaboration, and achievement, not just for our team but for our valued clients and associates as well.

New Associates, New Horizons This year, we welcomed several new faces to the Pym’s team, including – Vicki Munro, Doriann Bailey, Sanjay Gohil, Shorai Dzirambe, and Tanya Moffett. Each one of them brought fresh perspectives, expertise, and a passion for enhancing health and social care. Their addition has significantly broadened our capacity to cater to the diverse needs of organisations across this vital sector.

Continuing Partnerships and Celebrating Successes Our ongoing collaborations with established clients like Microbiosensor and Tutum Medical have continued to flourish, a testament to our shared commitment to advancing healthcare innovation. This year also saw us bringing several projects to successful fruition, including the Mindler Sandbox. This project, in particular, garnered attention far and wide, even catching the eye of the Crown Princess of Sweden.

Our Enduring Passion At the core of everything we do lies our unwavering passion to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of patients, carers, and healthcare professionals. It’s a mission that resonates deeply within our team and aligns us with companies around the globe who share these values.

Gratitude and Good Wishes As we approach the festive season, I extend heartfelt wishes for a Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year to all our current, past, and future customers. Your trust and collaboration are the lifeblood of our work.

A special mention must go to Kerry Lummus, who has been an indispensable support throughout this year. Her dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment have been central to our success.

Here’s to the year that’s been and to the new one that awaits. May it bring health, happiness, and continued success.

Warm regards, Kate Pym, Managing Director, Pym’s Consultancy

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