Is your innovation award-winning?

by | 8 Feb, 2023 | Blog

This week I will be working on four separate HSJ Digital Award applications.  All of my clients have innovative products and/or services which improve patients’ lives, so I love to help them shout about what they are doing.

If any of these reach the finals, I will post more about the companies and awards they are short-listed for. 

As you can see from the website, Pym’s has a number of awards, and I am told we have been successful in winning an award most months, but I frequently don’t acknowledge or publicise them.  Why?  Because there are awards, and there are awards.  Writing applications takes time which any small business owner has to use wisely, and I am choosey about what I apply for.  If there is a genuinely competitive element about the award, and it is judged, it is more likely to be worthwhile. If it is an award that your customers would recognise and see as a validation of your business, then it is probably worth the time.

The HSJs are recognised by the NHS.  They represent collaboration within and across teams, and the implementation of true innovation to improve the lives of patients and the wellbeing of staff.  I believe all of the applications I have been writing are worthy of winning because I have worked within these teams and seen the dedication and commitment of those involved. 

Also, all of the HSJ awards represent work done by NHS staff on top of their “day job” during unprecedented pressure.  So, I hope we get to the finals (again 😉), and we can celebrate these truly inspiring collaborations between industry and the NHS!

If you’d like to know more about writing an award-winning application, please follow me on social media or contact me for a no obligation chat.  

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