Reasons to Stay in Lockdown

by | 6 May, 2020 | Blog

Firstly, I know that the current situation is causing real financial hardship, increasing feelings of loneliness and isolation, and for some real risk of harm. It is difficult for everyone, and we all know that it cannot go on forever.
When I walk around the house the thing that reminds me of why it is all worthwhile is going into our grandchildren’s bedrooms. Like all grandparents we are missing them more each day. It’s not as if they are here all the time, but as you can see from the pictures, they are very much part of our lives. There will be stacked toys, empty bedrooms and playrooms around the country waiting for our little people to come back and visit. But whilst this terrible virus is stalking this country, they have to remain that way, so that the little ones can come back.
Realistically over 30,000 people have died so far. According to the Office of National statistics
“The rate of death due to COVID-19 increased significantly in each age group, starting from age 55 to 59 years in males and age 65 to 69 years in females”
This is the grandparent bracket. How many of these rooms and toys will be packed into boxes leaving empty rooms and empty hearts. Children need grandparents. They need to have someone who hasn’t spent all week managing work and a family, monitoring homework and behaviour, someone else who loves them unconditionally, sits in their corner, and maybe spoils them a little.
If we don’t all do our utmost to prevent the spread of COVID 19, we are not just letting down those who will die, but also those who love them.
Stay Home, Protect the NHS

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