Standing on the Shoulders of Giants

by | 20 Apr, 2021 | Blog

I don’t know how many times during this pandemic I have said things like “just imagine how this would be if we didn’t have computers”, or “people would have died in their millions if it wasn’t possible to work from home”.

We all consider ourselves fortunate to live in an age of technology. Certainly, in healthcare technology-enabled care has helped patients have consultations, receive medication, and undertake exercise without the need for personal contact.  What would have happened to our hospitals and GP practices without this technology?

We all acknowledge the role played by the NHS, Care Workers and Key Workers during the pandemic, but accept technology as something that is just there to serve.  I think it’s time that we acknowledged the people behind the technology revolution who are working hard, investing time and money into improving care for patients by innovating in health and care technology.

Developing this type of technology is not easy, it’s complex, can attach to high financial risk, mean working long hours, evenings and weekends, taking time away from family.  Product development requires clinical input, system developers, programmers, designers, project managers, software engineers, hardware engineers and materials engineers.  There are regulatory hurdles, prototype production and redesign, testing of accuracy and efficacy, validation with staff and patients.

Today I want to give a shout out to all those that bring these products to patients, things that once in use we all so easily take for granted.  Thank you to everyone I know that gives their time and dedication to development of products that keep patients safer, healthier, and happier (please forgive me if I have missed your name off, and feel free to remind me).  @simontaylor @davidbarrow @christiansymonds @conorsymonds @kirandesai @aditidesai @Hassanugail @jamesbatchellor @martincutbill @michaelmorgan-curran @kevinmarsch @tomadler @robeavis @jamescarpenter @arashghadar

Is there anyone you feel should be added to the list?

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