Have you contacted your Academic Health Science Network (AHSN)?

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Have you contacted your Academic Health Science Network (AHSN)?

When working with a client, who has an innovation in healthcare, one of my first questions is “Have you contacted your local AHSN?” and if they are trialling their innovation with an NHS organisation “Have you contacted the AHSN local to your trial?”

In response to the frequent reply “Why? What’s an AHSN?” I am posting this video.

Support and funding for market entry of innovations is often channelled through your local AHSN. Their role is to support innovation, facilitate introductions to potential academic and NHS partners and help you navigate the complexities of the NHS.

Why would a consultant working with innovators and SMEs recommend you look for services they provide with another organisation?

It’s simple.
Innovators, particularly SMEs and spin-outs have limited funds, often extremely limited. I always say that the best price is free. For most SMEs their needs for advice and support with product development and market entry are infinite. Starting with the advice that is free: your AHSN; university technology transfer department; ERDF funded local projects; Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP); Innovation Hub; regional catapults – is a very good idea. The information you will receive will help you to decide what is really important, and not just nice to know. If you are considering engaging a consultant save your money for when you have explored your options and know what you need.

That’s not to say we don’t want to talk to you – to the contrary. What makes us look good is when you succeed, so we want what you want. If you aren’t sure where to start, what questions to ask, who you should address them to, where the money is, how to get it – get in touch. Let us know what you are exploring, and we can help to put you on the right road. Then, when you know what you really really want to spend money on (and this is often help to decide what a company’s roadmap to success looks like, or routes and methods of market entry) we will be very happy to receive your instructions – after all we all have to make a living.


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