Press Release – Pym’s Consultancy Works with Prestigious Universities – Supporting Successful £5 million Funding Application

by | 3 Nov, 2017 | Blog, Healthcare, Press Release

Earlier this year, Pym’s Consultancy had the great privilege of working with the universities of Manchester, Sheffield and Leeds in support of their application for Round 1 funding from the Higher Innovation Funding: Connecting Capabilities Fund. We are very pleased to announce that this application was successful and the collaboration of these three prestigious northern universities has been awarded £5 million to develop the “Northern Triangle Initiative” (NTI).

The NTI will support the growth of a significantly enhanced, shared intellectual property pipeline, set up a unique regionally-focussed finance vehicle, seek to raise £350 million in private finance to support university commercialisation, and strengthen the entrepreneurial eco-system of the North of England.

Boost for entrepreneurs and research commercialisation with £5m Northern Triangle Initiative.

Reflecting the government’s Industrial Strategy outlined in the January 2017 Green Paper, NTI represents a great opportunity to attract investment, innovation and new businesses to the North of England, and enhancing the UK economy as a whole.

We are very proud to have played a small part in this project and wish all partners, and participants, current and future, every success with this and the new ventures it will generate.

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