A Day in the Life of a Health and Care Commercialisation Consultant

by | 5 Oct, 2021 | Blog, Business, Commercial, Consultancy, Healthcare

One reason for writing this is that I am often asked what I do for a living, and if my husband doesn’t jump in first to mansplain my work (yes, seriously he does), I will usually tell people that I help companies and innovators get new products to market in UK health and care.  In a similar way to the character David in Cold Feet, this doesn’t really tell you what I do, but it’s easiest for all concerned.  If for instance at the time I am working on a project relating to urine testing, eye surgery, or the effluent fluid that is created during the process of peritoneal dialysis, most people don’t want to hear about that over drinks or dinner.

Another reason is that I am frequently contacted by graduates fresh out of university looking to become business consultants.  I would encourage anyone with the skills to self-manage, think laterally and put clients first to have consultancy as a career goal, but what I do is based on nearly 25 years in pharma and medtech experience, and eleven years’ management work before that.

The projects I work on are many and varied, at any one time I can be working on up to eight projects.  Usually, one of these will be relating to urine (leakage, infections, testing), or lack of urine (renal dialysis) – not glamourous, but I find these subjects fascinating, which is fortunate for the many that don’t.  Today I also arranged some training for myself and my virtual PA, Kerry Lummus to learn how to effectively load blogs (including this one) onto my company website, and quite honestly told her that I was working on a report relating to liver transplantation, which I found far easier, and more interesting – by the way, Kerry thinks I am weird.

So, what is an average day actually like?  There really isn’t an average day. 


0600 Feed dogs and cat and make tea I am not crazy, but one dog is geriatric and wakes up early
0630 Work outI have been involved in far too many lifestyle tenders to avoid exercise, and this is the only time free
0800 Shower and dress
0830 Breakfast
0850 Switch on computerCheck emails, LinkedIn and Slack, respond to urgent ones or those I’m likely to forget if I don’t action immediately
0905 Call Route to WebArrange training for website uploads and am asked to write three blogs for posting
0920 Call KerryVirtual PA and superhero who keeps me on track and will also be taking part in training. Discuss dates and recruitment for Peer Networks
0940 Write reportOpen files with research to date, open hyperlinks saved on reference document I have previously written, plan the flow of the document and start writing a cogent argument for health economics. Choose relevant information from peer-reviewed journals and validated websites (e.g. NICE, NHS BT), reference as I write
1100 Open Zoom callBooked through Calendly – no one joins, check and email person that booked the call. This was an error on their part, so I have the gift of time
1105 Repost previous blogOne of my current projects reminds me of the advances made in mental healthcare, so repost blog relating to this from 2016
1110 Start writing this blog
1210 Lunch
1230 Enrolment Peer NetworksSpeak with individual who expressed an interest in joining Peer Networks and complete form with them over the phone. Email for signature
1250 Compile contact list for hospital projectCreate a list of contacts of different roles and stakeholders for agreed hospital in order to start booking appointments for calls to answer research questions
1330 Write more of the reportContinue with report started earlier in the day
1630 Team callProject team working on Peer Networks recruitment
1645 Compile contact list for hospital project
1740 Finish

Throughout the day I also answered emails, Slack messages, and phone calls, relating to other projects I am working on, or associates I work with.  I find I am pretty tired at the end of the day, but I wouldn’t change what I do and enjoy it tremendously.

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