A gradual return to normal service

by | 25 Feb, 2022 | Blog, Healthcare, NHS

It has been a long time since I last wrote a blog for many reasons, mainly because a consultant specialising in healthcare market entry and access for innovations tends to get quite busy during a pandemic (who’d have thought it?).

Another reason is that I was so busy, and I didn’t want to do anything which might encourage people to think that I might be able to help them when I am already working at total capacity.  I am incredibly fortunate in being able to pick and choose the projects I work on, so to begin with, this was more a matter of being able to say no to projects which didn’t meet at least one of the following:

  • improving lives for patients and/or staff,
  • extending quality years
  • having the potential to save the NHS money

But recently, I have been in the position of turning down projects that met at least two of the above, and I really do not like doing that.

So, for two years, I have been beetling away and keeping my head down in case someone notices me.

I can say that this time has been spent working with some fantastic companies and inspirational business leaders, including Tim Hamer and Paul Rawlinson, along with a great team at Business Lincolnshire providing Peer Networks.

I have heard and witnessed some inspirational transformations and valiant work against adversity from the Peer Network sessions, which are still running until the end of March.  We are running five cohort groups, so that alone keeps me occupied!

I have been working with Tutum Medical and iCount Correct this year, both of which have won Medilink Awards, along with a company I worked with very early in its pathway – Sure Pulse.

As always, I find this work very fulfilling and motivating.  I never struggle to get up in the morning.

I have struggled with finding someone who has a similar skill set to myself, who can add capacity to the consultancy so that we don’t have to turn away positive and interesting projects . . . until now!

I am thrilled to announce that Steve Lane has joined Pym’s Consultancy as a Senior Associate Consultant.  I have known Steve since working in similar roles in Baxter over ten years ago, and he has some great experience of market entry, product launching, and gaining investment.  We hope to be working on several new projects moving forward, meaning that our books are well and truly open again for NHS Market Access.

Steve joins our other Associate Consultants who specialise in CQC registered businesses, marketing, social media, lobbying, regulatory and clinical trials – in fact, any service you might need to commercialise a product or service in UK healthcare.

Please get in touch if you think that we can help.

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