Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents P**s Poor Performance

by | 7 Mar, 2020 | Business development, None

Not an unfamiliar phrase, but one that is worth acknowledging.
As a trained DiSC profiler, I am very aware of my own profile (D-Dominance). This makes me direct, results-orientated, firm, strong-willed and forceful by nature. As part of Everything DiSC® you learn to recognise your own natural style, but also to adapt to meet the needs of others and work effectively.
I also have strong elements of i-influence when selling – this means I am naturally outgoing, optimistic, high-spirited and lively.
My areas of natural weakness are planning, preparation, analysis and detail.
With this in mind it might be surprising to read that I plan incessantly, using diaries, spreadsheets and trackers. I have created a special tool for analysis routes to market, using Excel and advise companies on tender applications, creation of timescales and adherence to them.
This may seem counterintuitive as these are not things that come naturally to me.
Everything DiSC was part of my initial training in my very first pharmaceutical sales role. Acknowledging my personal style, strengths and weaknesses allowed me to recognise elements of my working style which hindered me in sales (D also means Driven), and so I implemented my own planning tools to track performance, plan meetings, appointments and follow-ups. My consistent track record of top-performer across multiple companies shows that it certainly worked for me.
I provide Everything DiSC® training to help teams and individuals understand themselves and their relationships better, appreciate each other’s strengths and support each other’s challenges. I also provide Everything DiSC® sales training – the first building block for my own personal success.
So, if you think it would help you meet you company, team or individual goals give me a call.

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