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In an environment of increasing commercialisation and competition, we offer training to individuals, groups and organisations to support business growth and commercial effectiveness. Our training is tailored to meet the needs of the organisation and the individual. We encourage participants to gain a greater understanding of themselves, their peers and their existing and potential customers. Making your organisation more competitive in activities such as tendering for new or existing business, dialogue session, business to business and direct sales.

Our structured individual and group training covers: Commercial Awareness, behavioural change to improve team working and sales; Market Access – NHS structures and Commissioning, supported with on-line tutorials; Successful Bid Responses.

We have a background of sales success and business management meaning that the training you receive will be from people with experience in the workplace, reinforced with proven track records, behavioural profiling reports and varied training delivery styles. After many years on the receiving end of training, we understand the cost of a day out of the workplace and will strive to make every training session as relevant, engaging and productive as possible.

No organisation can function at it’s full potential without excellent leadership. We offer a range of packages for Leadership and Management, to support the development of skills and attributes required to make the most of your staff, resources and opportunities.

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