A Reflective Chronicle: Digital Mental Health Advancements with Mindler Sandbox Limited

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Our professional landscape is occasionally graced with collaborations that significantly influence the way we perceive and approach our work. My association with Mindler Sandbox Limited, previously known as Get Cerebral Sandbox, is a testament to such meaningful collaborations.

Our initial endeavours were shaped by a vision Tim Hamer and I shared: understanding and harnessing the potential of technology to enhance health and care, with a particular focus on children and young people. This shared interest naturally led me to work more closely with the Sandbox team, ushering in a period of mutual growth and knowledge exchange.

A notable milestone was our tender response for the Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. Under the guidance of Tim and myself, the team combined their insights and expertise. Xi Zhuang Weng, joining our efforts a mere two days before the submission deadline, brought with him a fresh technological perspective. This collective effort resulted in a successful tender response.

Our team was further enriched by the insights of Amy Coltman and Daisy Butler-Gallie. Additionally, Will Sadeghi, an intern from Pym’s Consultancy, played a pivotal role, working diligently with the Mindler team to provide insights into the nuanced operations of the NHS.

Understanding iTHRIVE

Central to Mindler Sandbox’s approach is their commitment to digital mental health solutions for children and young people, greatly inspired by the iTHRIVE framework. For clarity, iTHRIVE represents:

  • Integrated – Cohesively merging health, education, and social care.
  • Tailored – Delivering personalised care for every young individual.
  • Holistic – Addressing the complete well-being of a child.
  • Responsive – Adapting dynamically to the unique needs of youth.
  • Innovative – Embracing innovative care methodologies.
  • Valued – Elevating children’s experiences and feedback.
  • Empowered – Supporting young individuals and their carers throughout the process.

This engagement with Mindler Sandbox, deeply rooted in the principles of iTHRIVE, serves as a prime example of the harmonious fusion of health, care, and technology.

Looking Forward

As this chapter concludes, I am grateful for the shared experiences and knowledge gained. Mindler Sandbox is now poised to navigate the path ahead, enriched by our collaborative efforts, and ready to further their mission in digital mental health for the younger generation.

If you’d like to know more about working with Pym’s Consultancy, please feel free to contact me. Let’s talk!

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